our roots

Every name has a meaning and ours is certainly no different. Let me introduce you to Clyde Dale, my wife’s grandpa, a farmer by trade. We restored and were married in the barn he raised pigs, horses, cows, and mules in. It was a labor of love as we cleaned up and discovered hidden treasures that had been buried under years of farming. As each day and week passed I realized preserving what would otherwise be demolished and maintaining what naturally grows up is my passion. And from that passion I started this company.

Today we continue the family tradition with a spin of our own. When you step on the farm you find chickens, cows, pigs, greenhouses and pets. The hay barn has become our own sanctuary with whiskey barrel chandeliers hanging from the ceiling awaiting the arrival of our guests at the next Whiskey Barrel Chandelier Barn Sale. The field where mules once plowed now hold greenhouses full of fresh vegetables, ferns or flowers depending on the season. And if you need decorations for fall or eggs for breakfast, you might just have found what you are looking for right here in Rickman.